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There may be many more dramatic locations in the world, or even more spectacular destinations around the globe, but few places on earth can match the extraordinary combination of features that draw people to the Island of Sifnos.

Sifnos is one of the best-kept secrets of international tourism: an island increasingly sought out by sophisticated travellers in search of a truly restful holiday. If there is a common theme to this island’s attractions, it is that there is a sense of having arrived at a quiet and beautiful space, respected by all who come ashore. Whatever it is, Sifnos has this special aura that draws people back year after year.

You can travel to Sifnos by boarding a Ferry or Highspeed Boat from the Port of Pireaus in Athens. The trip lasts about 6 hours by Ferry Boat (Adamantios Korais) and 3 hours by Highspeed boats (Speedrunner III). Upon arrival at the port of Sifnos (Kamares) it is easy to make your way to Platis Gialos and Pension Flora, about 15 kilometers, either by local bus or taxi.

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